nLogix Patrol – the smart guard patrol solution

  • The guard scans the NFC tags using the smartphone
    The app opens automatically and the data is sent to the cloud.
    Optionally, the guard can report an incident (burglary, forced door, damage, etc)
  • Real-time monitoring
    You know precisely what every guard is doing: the last checkpoint visited, how many tags did he scan, what incidents he reported
  • Generate reports
    Easily analyse the activity of each guard

NFC Guard Patrol

nLogix Patrol is a revolutionary guard patrol system which uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

Classical guard patrol systems are expensive and work offline, meaning that data can be analyzed only after the guards download it at the end of their shifts.

Our solution enables you to online monitor the guards' activity: see if a guard did not arrive on time at a checkpoint or if he reported an incident (burglary, forced door, damage etc).

Why invest a lot of money in obsolete equipment when you can quickly and easily implement a modern real-time system which uses smartphones and NFC tags?

No more guards sleeping on duty! Using nLogix Patrol you will know if your security guards are doing their duty. You can check them from anywhere in the world, just open your browser and access the administration panel.

Components of the guard patrol solution

Android 4.1 and up, NFC-enabled
nLogix Patrol
Android app
nLogix MP
Online management platform
NFC Tags
adhesive back and hole for mounting, waterproof


nLogix MP

Admin panel

nLogix MP gives you access to the following facilities:

  • Live Data: monitor guards activity in real-time
  • Add/edit/delete programs very fast, by using an intuitive interface
  • Detailed reports about guards
  • View if a guard missed a checkpoint or reported an incident

Guard Patrol in 2 modes: Basic or Advanced

New: we've added a new setup mode for generating shifts, called "Basic".

What's the difference?
When using the "Advanced" setup you have to define a fixed itinerary (eg: the guard must visit checkpoint 1 at 10:15, checkpoint 2 at 10:22, etc) whereas for the "Basic" setup you don't need to to this anymore. Generating a shift when using "Basic" setup is extremely easy and takes less than 1 minute.

  • Advanced, if you want a strict guard patrol system, with Swiss Clock Precision
  • Basic, if you want a easy-to-use and flexible guard patrol system

Both modes are included in any pricing plan, you can use a mixed version (basic shifts + advanced shifts) and you can easily switch from one mode to another.


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